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Why The CA Firm?

Get the legal advice and support you need to grow your business, without the cost of an in-house lawyer.

The CA Firm has represented private parties and provided business consulting for over a decade. Our attorneys assisted on client matters spanning the spectrum of complexity and importance. Our firm specializes in assisting businesses in all phases of startup and growth, including formation, board/governance, operations, personnel/employment strategy and growth, vendor/manufacturer contracts and management, investments, shareholder relations, equity sales/acquisitions, asset sales/acquisitions, and more...


We understand the ever-changing business climate and regulations can be detailed, confusing, restrictive and overwhelming. The CA Firm prides itself on taking finding the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients. 

Further, as the business climate quickly evolves, the need for investment, private equity placement, joint ventures, or engaging in mergers or acquisitions may be vital to survival. Our business advisory group offers consulting and pathways to our clients to ensure their aspirational visions can obtain the economic support necessary to achieve success.


The CA Firm is well-situated to assist with our client's needs with a keen sense of the ongoing business obligations and intentions of our clients. We are your trusted legal and business consulting partner. 

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