Personal Injury


Personal injury involves any injury to the body that is a result of the negligence of another. Some of the more common personal injury situations include being injured through a rear end car accident, being involved in a slip and fall due to a dangerous condition (commonly referred to as a premises liability case), or even being on the receiving end of a dog bite from an unleashed dog. A specialized area we also handle is elder abuse within care facilities. Of course, we handle personal injury law no matter how the injury resulted.


Rear end auto accidents in California are referred to as ‘clear liability’ cases. That means the issue of who was at fault is almost never a stumbling block to settlement or obtaining a jury verdict in your favor. A premises liability injury can be a very serious injury as well. Proving negligence against the property owner is a large part of a premises liability case. An injury caused by liquid on the ground or an injury caused by a slippery surface are common in this area of law.


No matter the type of personal injury sustained, we can help. We have taken hundreds of personal injury cases and recovered compensation for all of our clients. We will ensure that you receive medical care, are compensated for your pain and suffering, lost income, missed work, out of pocket expenses, medical expenses and medical bills.


Often times there is an insurance policy that covers the injury. Whether that be the insurance of the driver (in an at fault collision), the insurance of the property owner, the insurance of the dog owner, the insurance of the company at fault, or other insurance. Many people are unaware that their own car insurance may cover you for your car accident injury when the at fault party fails to have the proper insurance. This is referred to as Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist coverage. Speak to an attorney at The CA Law Firm to find out what type of coverage the at-fault party has or the coverage you have. You will speak with an attorney for free when you call.  There is no charge for the consultation.