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Business Disputes

The experienced California attorneys at The CA Law Firm are seasoned litigators in business. The CA Law Firm represents business and corporate interests.


  • Breach of contract - When a contract dispute arises, whether pertaining to the contract’s provisions, a party’s obligation to fulfill its terms, or the express or implied warranties within the contract, your business can suffer and can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars. The seasoned lawyers at The CA Law Firm in San Diego have extensive experience in creating legal solutions that are specific to the sensitive nature of your unique circumstances.


  • Business Negligence and Business Intentional Tort – We know businesses operate with a level of risk each and every day. Sometimes, situations arise that cause damage, because someone was careless or even reckless. Even worse, underhanded individuals and businesses can try to take advantage of another person or business. This can give rise to a business lawsuit – and can be between two businesses, a business and an individual, or even amongst individuals within the same business. The experienced lawyers at The CA Law Firm have engaged in litigation and trials on topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Interference with contracts or interference with deals

  • Breach of contract

  • Theft, stealing and money laundering


  • Partnership disputes & corporate disputes— Professional relationships can sometimes turn bad. Disputes between partners or owners can lead to questionable business decisions, mismanaged finances, theft and deceit. The San Diego lawyers at The CA Law Firm can assist in working out solutions outside the court system. In addition, when peaceful resolutions cannot be made, our experienced lawyers can litigate the matter to conclusion, including trial or arbitration.


While The CA Law Firm is based in San Diego, we handle matters throughout the State of California.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes, property disputes, real estate agent disputes...all of these can lead to serious and long lasting damage. Whether it be buyers, seller, agents, brokers, or developers...all are involved in transactions that are not only economically valuable, but also incredibly emotional. Single-family homes, condos, and townhouses are important to us, but can come with a whole host of legal issues. Lost earnest money deposits, failure to provide comprehensive disclosures, unprofessional real estate agents or brokers, misuse of funds, are just a few of the issues we have litigated at The CA Law Firm.

You may encounter misrepresentation, fraud, contract disputes (such as breach of contract), zoning problems, contractor liability, and many other real estate problems. The attorneys at The CA Law Firm can assist you in getting to the real issue at hand and on a course to solving the problem. If you have been wronged and lost money or value as a result, we can assist. In those cases, you pay no attorneys fees unless and until we recover compensation for you.


The San Diego based CA Law Firm handles matters throughout the State of California.

Real Estate Transactions


It's often said, those who handle disputes, are the most well suited to avoid disputes. Our knowledge and experience in dispute resolution as it relates to real estate transactions affords us the know how on avoiding future conflicts. The attorneys at The CA Law Firm can assist in drafting transactional contracts, contract review, advisement and consulting, creating and structuring deals, and more.


As with all matters, the initial consultation is free. At The CA Law Firm, we believe that any potential client should have the right to interview us as their potential attorney. We know our experience and track record sets us apart.  

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